Bactakleen Case and Accesorries Malaysia Sabah Sarawak Singapore United States, Australia, United Kingdom

BACTAKLEEN was first introduced in 2008 with the aim of improving the air that we breathe. Everyone talks about dust and pollution in the air but no one talks about bacteria and fungus in the air especially when coming from the air conditioning system.

The simple fact remains that the air conditioning system harbors millions of bacteria and fungus spores that are harmful to humans and

regularly is a catalyst to spread illnesses. The traditional way of cleaning air conditioning systems are focused on removed physical dust and dirt but no one has even considered cleaning the air conditioner to remove bacteria and fungus. In countries that have humid conditions the bacteria and fungus growth are much greater and pose a greater threat to the health of the occupants in the building or the car. Problems such as Legionnaires disease are particularly common in humid environments where the moisture promotes the breeding of bacteria and fungus. All air conditioners have this inherent problem and prior to the introduction of Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist there was no proper solution to treat this problem.